The spark beating in his chest skipped a beat and then went on overdrive. Knock Out actually felt the same way? When he had said that he expected to medic to laugh and brush him off, but no, he admitted that he felt the same way. At least this went better when his feelings spilled out this time, and there was a positive feedback from his recent revelation.

"You.. You do?" Not the best answer, Bumblebee.

"… Yeah, I do."

This was so embarrassing for him to admit to Bumblebee, but he was certain that he felt the same way and even now when he first admitted his own feelings towards him. “Would you like to…”


"Do something with me?"

Way to make things awkward, Bumblebee. But hey, at least this was actually going somewhere instead of earning him a laugh. He knew Knock Out was embarrassed, but Bumblebee knew that he himself definitely was. They had admitted their feelings for each other, now all they had to do was go from there and escape the awkward realm of figuring out how much they cared for each other and learning to accept the feelings and embrace them. And what better way to do that then go on a date, right? He hoped that was what Knock Out had meant by that.

"You mean.. Kind of like a date?" He didn’t even wait for the other mech to answer before answering, "Sure."

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(Crack and more crack--but there's gotta be a way to make this into a semi-plausible plot.) ❥



The scout had laughed for a very long period of time when Optimus had announced to him that he was to be married to Prowl. He thought it was some sort of joke, but the humor vanished when he realized that the Prime was not joking around. It should have been a given that he was being serious- Bumblebee had never seen him mess around about anything.

Now that he was sent away after Optimus explaining that lately the scout had acted less mature and been goofing off and somehow landing himself in trouble, he thought that this would be a good way to get him in line. Bumblebee knew that he was naive, and therefore knew that he was too immature to see this as an improvement for him. Prowl was quite mature and Optimus found them a good match- for some reason. He guessed it was probably because Prowl had always caught Bee doing weird things and could understand him better in why he was ‘acting out’ lately. 

But never, would Bee see why a marriage could help him. 

Prowl kept up his petting, exploring the new sensations from within while Bumblebee relaxed and their joined Sparks adjusted to the new data and fuel feeds. Something in Prowl told him that the process was closer to being finished, but it still wasn’t safe to separate and close their chestplates. Not just yet.

In a way it was a relief. The necessity to stay where he was, with nothing in particular to do with his hands but comfort Bumblebee until his doors steadied, gave Prowl unstructured time to think. To take stock of what had just happened to him, begin defining its edges and studying its attributes, and plan how to study his new situation and adapt to it. He hadn’t known what the bond would feel like, or how he and Bumblebee would react to it, before it had happened. He had a place to start now. With his arms steadying his mate against his frame, Prowl shuttered his optics and focused on the new “place” inside himself. The place where his awareness met Bumblebee’s. With careful effort, Prowl formed a signal and sent it through the fog between them. It was supposed to be a single clear ping. It decayed almost immediately into something more like a very large and very dirty hydraulic pump splatting out a honk as it tried to work.

The comforting action had slowly but surely driven out all unsteadiness and replaced it with comfort. Just as he thought everything as done changing and new things were done heading his way, he felt, or more like heard, an odd noise that seemed to originate from the bond between them. It was an interesting feeling, and he didn’t allow it to unsettle him in any way.

He knew he should try to return what was probably supposed to be a pin or signal of some kind. Shouldn’t he? Bumblebee decided that he would at least try. How would he go about this, though? The newfound haze within him was brought to his attention, and he focused on sending something through to his mate, though he assumed it could get lost easily or sound awful like the one he had received did. And, as he attempted to send a ping back, it fizzled out into an ugly noise immediately, but he was sure that it at least had reached Prowl.

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He thought for a moment before remembering past conversations with Bumblebee. he had remembered revealing his feelings for him and even then Knock Out was still new to the idea, had grown to it much over time. He had no words to say for some time until his thought processor could finally muster something worth saying.

"… I do think about you, a lot."

It was not much, but he felt a wave of relief as he was able to say his thoughts about him personally. Now they both just stood there, like idiots.

The spark beating in his chest skipped a beat and then went on overdrive. Knock Out actually felt the same way? When he had said that he expected to medic to laugh and brush him off, but no, he admitted that he felt the same way. At least this went better when his feelings spilled out this time, and there was a positive feedback from his recent revelation.

"You.. You do?" Not the best answer, Bumblebee.


i feel weird being a multishipper sometimes???? like everyone else is arguing and bashing each other and crying and i’m just like


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He heard the notion of possibly wanting to interface with one of the human children and he shook his helm and made disgusted faces before he was able to speak again. If it was possible for himself to puke, he most likely would have. “By the Allspark, no! I have my limitations, Bumblebee! I may have had a few unusual thoughts about doing such acts with humans, but your humans are children!” He was a Decepticon but not a monster.

"I don’t know what you’re getting to, calling me off on what I like to do, but this isn’t helping at all."

The real reason behind is outburst was rising from within him and it was begging to come out. It was pressing him, and he had been drowning in it for too long now. If there was ever a great opportunity to say it, it was now or never. He had to say it, and that’s just what he did. In the way he planned to put it, he just hoped that Knock Out would get it.

"You don’t get it, do you? I don’t want you to think about humans. I want you to think about me, even a fraction of the way I think about you!" The way he had put it wasn’t direct, but Knock Out wasn’t stupid and he would probably get the drift easily. Now that it was off his chest it made things so much easier but complicated them to no end.

The 12th gif in your folder is your muse’s reaction to being hit on in a bar










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Knock Out felt the shame come back but quickly drew off that emotion with rage. He was not about to start a petty fight and possibly ruin his finish, along with a new found friendship, over a simple disagreement. Though it did hurt his pride to see how negatively the Autobot seemed to react towards his ambitions. “H-how dare you! You hang out with humans all the time, I don’t see how you can say anything like that towards me! And I can do what I want. Disgusting as it may seem many of times and I still have my doubts of ever doing it, I- rgh!”

He was too upset to even finish his thoughts properly and turned away with a huff, tempted into transforming and cease communications with Bumblebee completely. Though he did not.

At first the scout had felt a little guilty for immediately slamming Knock Out’s idea straight into the ground but then anger bubbled up inside him with every word that boomed out of the other mech’s mouth. Frustration towards the medic had been building up for a while but now it reached an unspoken limit and tipped the balances completely.

"You wanna know why it sounds weird to me? Because I am around humans all the time, and it is very uncomfortable thinking about you wanting to frag the very creatures that are barely a fraction of our size! It make me wonder, have you ever seen any of my human friends and just wanted to bend one over a berth and have your way? I sure hope not, that would drive me beyond raging.”



Oh. Now he understood, and it was his turn to be embarrassed when he began to comprehend what the other bot meant. Sure, the thought had crossed through his processor, but even Knock Out should be able to admit that the idea of actually trying it was crazy, right? First of all, humans would generally be terrified of a colossal walking and talking robot, but size difference was the key element in why it would not work out too well. Nonetheless, Bumblebee decided to call him out on it, though the reason that contributed most as to why he thought challenging his word was a good idea was shoved to the back of his processor.

"How would that work out? I wouldn’t even think one would consider it to be possible."

"Hmm? Of course it can work out! Mass displacement? I haven’t tried it too recently, but I’ve done it before. Not a very comfortable position to be in, but it’s something I wouldn’t mind doing if it was to frag a human." There, he said it out loud. He did hope though, that Soundwave was not near by or things would become very… Well, difficult at work afterwords.

Bumblebee made a twisted expression of disgust and scoffed.

"That’s just.." He was momentarily speechless as he tried coming up with an appropriate word, before just settling on "Gross! Why would you..?!" He trailed off, crossing his arms at the Decepticon. Sure, a non-physical relationship might work if they could commit to well.. No physical things. But mass displacement, fragging with a human? That was utterly weird.

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( Sugar and Cody in the pasture earlier. )


( Sugar in the barn looking concerned for no apparent reason. )


( Cody being a weirdo and avoiding the camera. )

image( Not taken today - but a picture of the horse my sister and I actually own. Her name is Smudge and we recently bought her, but she needs to be worked with some more because as of now she acts up a bit because it had been almost five years since she was last ridden but she will be ready to go soon! )

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